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Kleis δύο, my materials research told through trends

KLEIS II, (from Greek κλείς-ιδός,ἡ), a trendbook, the key to enter new dimensions. This project is born out of the need of opening the doors to our interior, and in this way it’s key to reconnect with our senses through sensory stimuli presented via a material research of textiles and nontextiles. After a first publication in 2017, KLEIS returns with a second issue, presenting us a new approach to materials, made with new stimuli, new processes and fabrication techniques. It presents the research and a development of samples, made and studied fully by Alessia, with the hope of welcoming a novel future which is more aware of recycling and bio-based-materials. The journey will go through the 3 phases of a material’s life: Past, Present and Future. “Let us be guided to a kinder future to the world and to human beings, but don’t forget to engage your senses, your eyes to look, your ears to listen and your hands to touch. Enjoy this experience.”

Kleis δύο, comes out of 2 desires

It is good to know that my idea for the final project comes from my background and my past/current experiences of work.

I have always had a desire to create my own research of materials by contextualizing and telling it through trends given my strong interest in analyzing and researching trends. Also, today I work as a consultant for various leather and feather producers in Italy, who raised with me the problem of the amount of material waste they have in a year and asked if I could find good solutions to creatively use this waste.

So, was born KLEIS duo, out of a desire to create my own personal archive of materials and a desire to answer to my clients' waste problem.

Kleis δύο, the vessel of my research

Kleis , (from Greek κλείς-ιδός,ἡ), it means key, and for me is the key to enter in my own archive but also a key to discover new way to think about materials and a new approach to work with materials.

So Kleis, the materic trendbook, is the vessel of my research and a medium to tell about it, through a journey made by pictures, materials, video, colors and processes.

Discover the processes

Past, Present and Future. In this way we enter in the year 2025 with new trends that tell us about a new way of thinking and seeing materials.


The journey begins with our Past and Present and is connected to the first two trends entitled FROM WASTE TO GOLD. Our attention is drawn to waste materials that get a new life and value. From the past, new textures are reborn in our present. Bioplastics are enriched with feathers of various kinds and colored in natural dyes, giving as a vibrant color palette and a translucent quality that allows our skin to shine through. Small scraps of leather compose new surfaces, geometries, weaves and engravings that introduce us to a new way of dealing with waste. We begin to see waste not as a limiting element but as a resource that allows new horizons to emerge and that can blossom into something new.


We speak of the Future for the third and fourth trends, GROWING THE FUTURE & MAKING THE FUTURE. Let yourself be transported into something totally new but extremely connected to the needs of the world, a world that is screaming at us to be kinder, to change our approach to materials and manufacturing. Why not walk towards that direction? So we enter an area dedicated to Bioplastics and Bio-leathers that are grown using fermentation by various bacteria. You will notice that this world offers various opportunities to positively impact our nature, as well as giving us the chance to experiment in multiple directions. Unlock the doors to creativity and innovation with this open approach to materials and you will discover that there are endless possibilities for creating something wonderful.

Video / Movie final project

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Last update: 2023-04-07