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Final project

Moving Shapes

The concept behind Moving Shapes is to capture the fluidity of dance movements and translate them into textile patterns that express the sense of stress relief that comes with dancing. The project builds upon my previous work during my bachelor's program in product design, where I explored motion tracking using virtual reality tools and 3D printing to create models that preserve the memory of dance. With Moving Shapes, I aimed to take this exploration further by using motion as a tool for form finding in parametric design, resulting in a collection of patterns that would ultimately be translated into soft textiles that evoke the feeling of dance.

Throughout the process of the project, I found myself experiencing personal stress related to the work. However, I used this experience as inspiration to create something beautiful and peaceful, reflecting the calming and freeing sensation that dance can provide.


Final Presentation by Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir

Video / Movie final project

Thesis PDF

Moving shapes booklet_fabricademy_2023_spread.pdf by Margrét Katrín Download PDF

Last update: 2023-04-15