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1. State of the art, project management and documentation

Research & Ideation

My research started off by taking me through my, oh so many, photos which I realized are all over the place so I started out by making a folder on my desktop to categories my photos for future domumentation in Fabricademy. After the first lectrue I had a feeling of being overwhelmed with information and ofcourse the first thought being 'I cant do this' hit me.

By cheking out other alumnis pages I got a better understanding of how things work. I started thinking about how I wanted my page and what I wanted to show and tell about. I like to work with TO DO lists so that is what I did!

picture name

First TO DO List
  • Collect photos for my page
  • Resize photos and/or make a collage
  • Start writing about yourself
  • pin down projects
  • find refrences and inspirational contents
  • How to change color and font
  • How to add an image and video

I collected photos and resized then in preview but also in TinyPNG which I found easy and helpfull. I've changed my color at least 4 time and font back and forth as it seems like I can not make up my mind...

References & Inspiration

I love to look at differences in textures, color and materials. What first interesteded me with textiles was the weaving technique and the mistery behind it, how it can be so simple and so complicated at once. For me is is not about the end outcome but the process behind. I get inspired by my surroundings both through objects, texture and materials. I like to recycle and upcycle and give new meaning to objects that are neglected.

Natural colors and raw materials vs. prodoction colors and artifical materials

Icelandic nature and sheeps Shoplifter and Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Hrafnkell and Shoplifter

Christien Meinderstma always inspires me with her works. She documents her processes well and deepdives into her projects. With her project Flax Chair, 2015 She shows how she work with the raw material, Flax, and through research and experimentations managed to make a standing chair with wowen linen and PLa (biodegradable plastic), aslo the process of optimising material with very little waste.


Christien Meindertsma

Why Materials Matter is a book that I love to look through and get inspired by is this book. It is a full of innovative material design ranging from seeds to micro technology. image-1.png


Documentation workflow

Always always always take a screenshot! It will be so helpfull in the end. I did not have to use all of them but some were helpfull to look back on to learn from previous mistakes.

For cold fingertips

Once I started working in my page I got so cold hands and espcially finger tips and keyboard movements became hurtful so I decided to buy fingerless gloves made from wool to keep my hand warm and it made all the difference.

fingerless gloves or Grifflur in Icelandic

First steps

Gitlab is new to me so I had to start easy but each change was a small victory so there were many, whuhus and yays! I used Squidfunk to help me cange the color of my page and change fonts.

picture name

The do not's

No CAPITAL LETTERS, spaces or letters with commas ´ I really had trouble having my pictures show up until I found out I had all the things in my images file name that should not be there. It made me think about how I name and save my files in the future!

picture name the code

Book on webstide

I saw the documentation from former alumni, Haneen Jaafreh who documented her project, Cocoon trough slides that you could flip like a book. I thought that was really facinating and wanted to exhibit one of my project like that on my portfolio website. She did it by using Canva but I had the book from my project already on Indesign so I found out that I could put my book on the website through that media. Here is how I did it:

In indesign you go to the right top corner and click on the export icon so you get this window to pop up left. After you click on publish your book will export and you will able to click on a link that takes you to the book online right.

picture name picture name

I put the embeded code to the website and in was a success! But I also wanted it placed in the middle and not to the left like you see in the image below so by using this code you can see the upper code puts the book in the middle of the site and the lower not.

picture name

How to put in a video

Putting in a video is easier than I thought in would be. I uploaded my videos up on Vimeo and there you can embed the video. Copy the embeded link and paste it on desired place in your documentation or website. And Voila! you have a video on your website!


Last update: 2022-10-03