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11. Implications and applications

Final project pitch

Design by Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir

Research & Concept

The lecture from Oscar Tomico was a good way to open the mind to ideas of a personal project and how to go about it. He talked about how we could rethink, reform, transform and hack the design process. How we could think about what a good design is and it is cirrently a good design and how that could maybe change in the future. What had me really thinking was if I could rethink a former project, do it in other materials, machines and so-on. I also thought alot about how I would like to challange myself and how Fabricademy could be best of help. For most parts I wanted to go straight so working straight with materials, with crafts and be as little in the computer as possible. But by challanging myself I would do the complite opposite so I had to find a balance inbetween.

I have therefore decided to work on a former project, being my graduation project from product design called Dancing Objects. I graduated in 2021 where Covid-19 had alaot of impact on my studies and the project. So I still feel like I can take it further and look at it from different angles. Could I use a different material, could the outcome be different, could I use different tools and who would be my collaborators?

Dancing Objects

describe what you see in this image describe what you see in this image


describe what you see in this image Cowboy Dance


What and who

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When/how and where

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References & Inspiration

The refrences below are only a start of the research I would deepdive into for the project. But I have with help from Louise to research ways of traking movements either by pressure or movements devices.

eTextile_NIME from on Vimeo.

I also used this project as a refrence last time for my project but it was kind of the turning point to start working digitally. Sketch furniture performance

Alice Sowa found this really nice project where they made a tracking device and implimanted it on ballet shoes to track that danvers movement but it is something I will diffinetly look more into. Lesia Trubat - ballet shoe movement traces Pressure sensing matrixes Matie Methol / Movimento Digital weaving pattern Emotibit Art-A-Hack / Dancedemic Linnea Bågander / BODY MOVEMENT AS MATERIAL: DESIGNING TEMPORAL EXPRESSIONS Maria Blaisse

EmotiBit is a wearable sensor module for capturing high-quality emotional, physiological, and movement data. Easy-to-use and scientifically-validated sensing lets you enjoy wireless data streaming to any platform or direct data recording to the built-in SD card. Customize the Arduino-compatible hardware and fully open-source software to meet any project needs!

Slide show

Design by Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir

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