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Concept | Moving shapes

The concept of Moving shapes is

5 Ws


  • Personal experience
  • Dance as an output for stress relief
  • Can be applied to any form of dance


  • Motion as a tool for form finding in parametric design
  • Final outcome being a pattern collection
  • Soft textile that keep the memory and feeling of the dance


  • Live and post performance pattern making


  • From physical to digital and back again
  • Can be applied to different setting
  • Online collaboration


  • Make textiles that generates from stress relief
  • Dance translating into soft and comforting materials
  • Explore connection between parametric design and jacquard weaving

Concept pitch

Personal Project Fabricademy 22/23 by Margrét

References projects, research papers, expos, performances etc

bachelor project research on movement tracking through textiles by Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir


moodboard_movingshapes by Margrét

  1. Maria Blaisse / Moving Meshes
  2. Matie Methol / Movimento
  3. Vecteezy / 3D monocrome pattern
  4. EmotiBit
  5. Lesia Trubat / Traces
  6. Genki Instruments
  7. Dancing Objects / process
  8. Dancing Objects / process
  9. Dancing Objects / process

Quick prototype

Using Davinci Resolve motion tracker and turning data point from there into a list in grasshopper anding in different sizes circles.

quick prototype by Margrét

Last update: 2023-04-24