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Driving Questions

driving questions

Ideation & sketches


Physical Library Ideations sketch of prototype 1 sketch of prototype 2 sketch of prototype 3

Cube Prototypes

prototype cube 1 prototype cube 2 prototype cube 3

The clear cubes, while aesthetically pleasing, are not environmentally friendly nor sustainable. Additionally, the cube is not water tight and so if I wanted to store a dye or other liquid it would leak out.

Mentoring notes

Jan 9: Anastasia Pistofidou - goals for first couple of weeks are to collect references, inspiration, moodboard, figure out taxonomy of the library (how to organize it), create 5 different prototypes of what a library could look like
Jan 16 (missed prototyping day)
Jan 18: Nuria Robles Miguélez - goals to complete for Jan 25 are to prepare a timeline, create prototypes, start developing summary slide for Jan 30 external mentor
Jan 30: Anastasia Pistofidou & Adele Orcajada Room & Rico Kanthatham - use glass jars instead of acrylic boxes, can collect used glass jars from school community to make the project more sustainable
Feb 13: Ricardo O'Nascimento - explain/give example of passive vs active learning, go into more detail about essential questions, suggested using the same size/shape glass jars
Feb 27: Anastasia Pistofidou & Adele Orcajada Room - Create categories (by colour, material, application, etc) for the jars so they are organized and accessible to the students. Incorporate more details of what students are learning. Include more images of the materials, student projects, etc. Emotional categorization of materials (Anastasia sent link in Mattermost). Include picture of jars on student websites to further connect the digital/physical libraries. For "failure" samples, get students to write on the website about what they like about it/what didn't work so well for their project (actually can do this for all samples). New students can then add their thoughts on the materials as well.