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I am a Slovenian-born industrial designer or rather a maker. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. For the past 3 years, I have been a freelance material designer and researcher, crafting biomaterials in my home studio. I am driven by the explorative and experimental practices of design in collaboration with natural and technological processes. In and with my work I seek regeneration through materiality and would like to show, how different our world can be built and how exciting that might be.

_The first

As a master student, my first interaction with biomaterials happened when I was looking for a solution to discarded natural resources in one of our local distribution companies. Through the exploration of waste as a new resource, an intuitive idea of designing a new material sprung. It was really interesting to witness, how tightly the world of matter interacts with our learned habits and material innovation, and furthermore, how it can greatly contribute to regenerative practices in the built environment. Perceiving a thing beyond the designation of a product and recognizing its elemental structure, is what opens up a creative passage of new perspectives and possibilities. I love the idea of making materials and applying them to a certain situation accordingly, rather than picking them up from the known material library. I believe that aspect is fundamental to all forms of designing stuff and processes that create our everyday lives. With that, materials present a crucial step in overcoming environmental challenges as well as a major contrast to the digital world, that has overflushed our lives. They are still the most real thing there is for us. By incorporating different fields of knowledge, disciplines, and sensations in their making, the work has also become a very personal journey for me.

_The continuation of biomaterial research and design

Biomaterial prototypes

Biomaterial research

Some of the biomaterials samples I made for the biomaterial library for creative center Center Rog in Ljubljana

_Motivation to join Fabricademy

Biomaterial prototypes I have made before were fabricated with simple tools, showcasing that meaningful solutions and ideas can emerge on a basic production level. Highlighting the importance of incorporating human senses and out-of-the-box thinking in design is, what I believe, a starting point for the formation of new materiality. But in order to generate purposeful ecological solutions for reframing our societal production systems and needs, the biological operational space and technological operational space need to fuel each other in a reciprocal relationship. The technological support in the experimentation of new material practices through biofabrication and biotechnology is what I wish to investigate further and I believe I am in the right place.

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Last update: 2023-10-20