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Next steps

Documentation in progress

Even though a significant amount of work has been done in 3 months, the project needs still development work to reach a fully usable state. The steps that would follow are the following:

Improve and validate further the design

Design improvements and testing need to be performed with special emphasis on durability and comfort. Current prototypes cannot withstand long periods of use. Some points to tackle are:

  • Insoles made to fit the user would make the shoes significantly more comfortable.
  • Some imperfections of the 3D printing process can be irritating against the skin if not removed properly.
  • Durability of seams has to be improved, as so far prototypes have shown damage after a few days of use.

Outline traceability and ethics of materials used

Create process documentation and tutorials

An important part of the project is to explain the process of designing and making these shoes so designers, makers and artisans can replicate them.

Implement a web platform

To host the resources and services for each kind of user.

Implement web parametric design generator

To embed the Grasshopper definition in an accessible website.

Develop a business model

That would make this project financially viable.

Spread the word

Reach out to potential users to spread the word and run a pilot of the web platform.