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My name is Eduardo Loreto, I grew up in the beautiful Caribbean, in a country called Venezuela. Since I born I was surrounded of the ocean, which make me see the world as a enormous place where we share with tons of others species and being aware of we leven the mark.

In 2006 I moved to Bilbao in the Basque Country were built me as a professional. This city open my eyes when I saw the transformation that it had, opened my eyes and my mind even more in love with the desing and makes me feel that everything is posible.

When I finished my studies as a Graphic Designer, moved to Madrid where I been in an internship of a fashion brand and there is when fashion touch my heart and started to sew, I am a very curious person so I explore all the tipes of design, one of teh bigest issue that stop me as a developer is a money problem but that trouble makes me more creative and I started to investigate and explore the new matirials and how to grow your own materials, droping my jaw and entrering in another dimention with all the labs experimentations and was to obtein new materials and applying in a design.

In september 2020 went to a exposition in a new building and theres is where I being in touch with material driven and later on with fabricademy I knew that I wanted to make all the courses and be involved with that world, I was in a BDCAMP that was a 5 days trial on this course and was so amazed, I descover that I was a BIOdesign without knowing it.

Previous work

This work it was inpired by a investigation from de N.I.A.C -Nasa Innovative Advanced Concepts-

is a investigation about how we can use new materials and those that alredy exist to build a elevator to the space for the easier, less polluting and cheaper way to move from earth to space and go further in a faster way.

My Inspiration

My inspiration has always been the functioning of everything that surrounds us, so the illustrations by Ernst Haeckel or the work of the different space research centers as well as engineers and biologists have always been very useful.

and the main thing it facinates me is how big and how small we are at the same time

Caracoles y Diamantes (Snails and Diamonds) from desorbital on Vimeo.

Last update: 2022-05-21