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About me

Who am I

"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art." - Frank Lloyd Wright -

I'm Isabel from Ghent, Belgium and the lovely dog is Mysa. My great little helper who is thrilled to follow the Fabricademy with me. I'm sure she'll pop up on other parts of this website as well as she's always around... The perks of working from home!

I have a passion for simplicity. I combine this passion with my love for photography, art and making. I learned a lot of tricks from my late grandfathers and at home my sister and me have always made stuff. Our parents took us to see art and design everywhere we went. All of this combined makes me the maker I am today. Troubleshooting our way through childhood and continue to do so now is the best thing!

During the day time I run an educational makerspace in Ghent (Belgium): Fyxxi. Our makerspace aims at bridging the digital gap within education and promote maker, entrepreneurial and social innovation inside and outside of school.

Previous work

I'm a photographer and maker at heart. You can find my photography here and on my instagram. Making tends to happen at home and I'm not a huge sharer on socials, but I was a Fab Academy student last semester so lots of documentation there :-)

The Pink-to-matic!

Music is my life. I’m a strong believer that life without music would be a mistake. And how I’ve missed the live performances during these pandemic times… It’s hard to grasp that it’s been almost 15 months without shows, concerts and festivals. I’m hopeful they will return, and in the meantime I’m working on making merch more ecological and DIY!

The Mysa Automata

Of course I made a machine for Mysa as well. What else :-)

Training a young dog comes with many challenges. Mysa is a mixed breed: half golden retriever and half Siberian husky. In short: a Goberian. Some days she’s as sweet and lovely as a golden, some moments as stubborn as a husky. But we love her, of course we do!

She’s two years old, which means she is still in puberty. Puberty in dogs means that they seem to forget their whole basic training. Sitting, laying down and coming out when you call her: nope, none of them work. Add this on top of the husky stubbornness and well, you have a handful 🙂

Last update: 2021-11-04