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I chose these three images as moodboard photos because they represent important pillars of this project. First the silkworm spinning to emphasize the species that makes it all possible. I will be observing and listening to Bombyx mori in order to make the best design and cohabitation decisions. I am also fascinated in how we can learn from the insect's design tendencies, rather than solely viewing it as a resource to be extracted. Second the Ouroboros representing the cyclical nature of all things, especially with the butterfly ~ or moth :) in the center, I am reminded of the lifecycle and metamorphosis of the species. This incredible biological process has long been a metaphor for a great rebirth. Parallel to the three phases of enlightenment, the larvae starts terrestrial bound, then enters a period of dwelling meditation to emerge in the final phase free and transformed. Lastly, the microscopic image reminds me of how science and technology can be used to aid art and design. A large focus of this project will be further equipping myself (coming from an arts background) with scientific tools and methods to achieve sustainable and meaningful work.

describe what you see in this image

Project Overview

Midterm Update

Timeline and Organization

I used two graphic organizers from canva to plan my timeline: A Gant Chart and a Weekly Schedule I put these plans into a Mural board so I could add more detail and links to my notes all in one space.

BoM Total Bill of Materials

Qty Description Price Link Notes
100 Broken Cocoons 15,98 €
200 Silkworm Eggs 12,00 €
500g Mulberry Leaf Food 26.00 € 200g for 100 worms is recomended
1kg container Citric Acid 15 € Amazon
250 ml bottle Coco Glucoside 5,59 € Arke Barcelona
1 plastic bin x Second hand
18x18in plastic bbq mesh 9.99 € Servei Estacio
500ml nutrient broth $36!3652!3!514066409668!!!g!!!12738801722!120939714916&cid=bid_mol_clo_r01_co_cp1358_pjt0000_bid00000_0se_gaw_dy_pur_con&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0tKiBhC6ARIsAAOXutnZAcTOQlKjOMXAKQ7PeorlCcuyJ1PeUWUI_Mbi_R8JExkQBRV41IMaAlucEALw_wcB
1 Janthinobacterium culture $25
Wool roving $40 all you knit is love

Story Telling

Outdoor Photoshoot


Thurs 23rd
Photographer: Val
Model: Lu
Location: Parc del Labrinth

I am interested in adding some post editing like these examples since I would like the vibe to be earthy and mystical. I can incoorperate my drawing style over some of the photographs.

Video Storyboard

The video will have three segments that will be tied together under the same aesthetic umbrella. The first will use a mix of archive footage and my own footage to intruduce the background of the subject and my project. The second part will go into the fabrication processes (starting with a title, then the tools used then action clips) The third will show the garments on a model in some video clips shot outside.

First Part Sketch:

Second Part Sketch:
For the tool segments I was thinking of making a layout inspired by these old books of archeological findings. Just to kind of equalize the importance of ancient and modern tools.
I'm thinking of doing an overhead view on a table like the Remix El Bario tutorials. Here are the shots I need to get and the supplies I need:

Midterm Feedback

Summary by Ana Correa -
The argument on your project is very clear as well as the circularity. One of the questions was how the materials behave on the body and how is the interaction within the user. I think this could be an opportunity to explain what are the material properties such feeling, duration, mechanical properties like hardness, softness, break point of the fibers. I would add to the explanation of the project the timings of production on each material approach and as suggested from the jury a good way to explain would be a table of comparison between differences and similarities between the three of them.

Final Feedback

Summary by Ana Correa -
Rebecca´s feedback: Your project has full potential in the holistic way, you created a great amount of materials with no leftovers - It's admirable how you found the way to bring all elements together from the shells to reuse waste into new materials making it circular. The message of your concept is very strong and the vision is very clear that can also be applied in the industry (such as local filmmakers). The slow production can be a way to attract people and keep track of your project. And finally your exploration can generate a big and positive impact in the silk manufacturing system.

Fabrication Files

  1. File: 3d modelling of mannequin 

  2. File: Laser cut sheets 

  3. File: additional models 

Last update: 2023-09-17