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YARN Process

I wanted to learn how to hand spin silk threads as another skill for silk working. I have no experience with making yarn, knitting or crochetting so this was very interesting. I was inspired by this company/account that has some tutorials:

Hand Spinning

For the spinning I used a wooden drop spindle that I already had. I practiced with only silk strings and combinations of silk and wool.

Here are some helpful resources on getting started:

Drop spindles can be made very simply from second hand resources. Here is an example:

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Plying by Hand

To make the strings strong enough to hold the back of the top and harness I twisted the string upon itself making a 2 ply yarn. Here is a helpful blog.

Natural dye

The yarns being composed of silk and wool were very absorbant to natural dye. I tried bacterial pigmentation, and other natural colors such as madder, logwood, and henna.

Last update: 2023-07-12