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Final Project

FLUUUID: Fashion Designed for Impermanence

Fluuuid Fashion is a set of bio plastic garments, shoes, and accessories that are all naturally dyed with bright colors, designed to be worn minimally and to return safely to the earth once they are no longer in use.

The project was created in response to the rise of wear-it-once culture, where people are wearing the clothing they own less, and buying and discarding their clothing more. Greatly influenced by celebrities, social media, and fast fashion trend cycles, our throw-away culture is leading to 92 million tonnes of textile waste generated yearly, filled with textiles that will never go away. But instead of trying to shift the entire culture, Fluuuid Fashion invites us to consider what designing for "wear-it-once" culture would like if we designed materials that were made not to last forever, but instead to biodegrade and feed the earth once they were no longer wanted or needed anymore.

The final collection includes a top, skirt, sandals, and fake nails. The project also included bio plastic sneakers and a bioplastic sample booklet.


FLUUUID FASHION by olivia cueva

Video / FLUUUID FASHION final project video

Fluuuid Fashion: Design for Impermanence from olivia cueva on Vimeo.

Last update: 2023-05-01