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Ruby's Fabricademy Website

This site will be a documentation of all the work I do over the course of the Fabricademy program. It is a journey I'm very excited to start and look forward to seeing what exciting and unpredictable outcome emerge over the next few months!


Digital Bodies Circular, Open Source Fashion
Biochromes E-Textiles Bio-Fabrification
Computational Couture Wearables Textile Scaffold
Open Source Hardwear Implications and Applications Soft Robotics
Skin Electronics

About me

My name is Ruby Lennox, I'm from Manchester, England. I graduated from Womenswear Design at London College of Fashion in 2021 and since then I have been working as a freelance seamstress and pattern cutter. During this time I have also been involved in lots of activism targeting the fashion industry, pushing for more sustainable and ethical practices with a range of organisations.

I chose to do the Fabricademy course as a way to push my work to new areas and experiment with mediums that I have had little contact with during my carrer and studies so far. I have always loved handcrafts and clothing and my work has primarily been focused on traditional methods of fashion design and construction. However, as I advanced with my BA studies I began to feel more disillussioned with the fashion industry the more I learnt about it,

Previous work

My final project of my BA explored algorithmic design in an open, user-led capacity. For it, I developed a series of algorithms that redesigned and reconstructed traditional garment archetypes based on recorded movements of of the starting item. With these processes, I aimed to break down and open up the logics of the design process in a way that required repeated collaboration between designer, maker and customer and questioned the current segmented and linear fashion system. Additionally, by presenting design in a rigid, technical way that was intereactive throughout, and as a process not a product, I aimed to explore new ways of engaging with the clothes that we own and the creativity an labour behind them; as well as who can or should claim ownership of both the designs and the final products.

Speculative Applications

This project was .........

Some examples of timelines proposals for the different processes explored in the project, each algorithm required different crossovers and collaborations between consumer and maker

These are themes I would like to continue to explore in the Fabricademy .....

You can see a more indepth explaination of this project and some others here

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