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Haute couture meets 3D printing: A textile design revolution.

"Introducing 'Expanded Lines' - a groundbreaking fashion couture collection that merges technology and textiles to create a mesmerizing range of 3D printed outfits. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of underwater organisms and human anatomy, this collection features a range of captivating looks that are truly unique. The collection showcases a plethora of experimental techniques, with a diverse range of filaments and textiles used in each outfit.

'Moiré Drops', is a visual masterpiece that utilizes a moire technique created with 3D printing technology.

'Red Reef', is a stunning piece that captures the elegance and curves of coral reefs and the human body, with vibrant colors and textures made possible through 3D printing.

'Shimoire', is a fashion-forward cape top that mimics the shimmering effect of underwater creatures, with a multi-dimensional holographic effect created through 3D printing. 'Expanded Lines' is truly a revolution in the world of fashion, showcasing the endless possibilities of merging technology and design


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'Moiré Drops'



'Red Reef'




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Last update: 2023-05-03