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M1N0 concept

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Beauty in Utility. A garment by Anyone for Everyone.

The M1N0 project is an electronically enhanced wearable that addresses the issues of textile waste and garment making accessibility by the masses. Its simplicity is intentional as the garment is meant to be reproducible by virtually anyone, using inexpensive materials that is readily procured by the fabricator in their specific context. M1N0 is modular, which allows for a high level of customization and bespoke fit. Its form is nod of appreciation to a tradition of garment making that is beautiful because of its humility and usefulness.

Key Intent

Abstraction/structure > Build a garment
Alt text

Precedent > Learning from the past
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Utility > Form follows function
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Mythology > The persistent narrative of a culture
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Hybrid Fabrication/Accesibility > Inexpensive materials, intuitive assembly


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Video / Movie final project

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Alt text

Alt textAlt text Alt text

Fabrication Files

Alt text M1N0 Controller Case

Alt textAlt text
M1N0 PIR Case Top
M1N0 PIR Case Bottom

Alt text Sadly, I could not successfully mill the footwear aspect...the Geta...accessory of my final project in time. My attempts to mill the prototype revealed many issues with the 3D model design. The following model addresses most of the issues...but was never milled to reveal if it actually solved all the issues.

Last update: 2023-05-17