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And in week 11 I proposed my final project.

About me

Hello <3 I'm Riley,

I'm a multidisciplinary artist interested in blurring boundaries between biology, technology and traditional craft practices. I grew up in a family of weavers but recently started to combine this background with my love for science and digital processes. I consider myself to be a collaborator with the machines and the organisms I work with. I am fascinated by how technology mediates our relationship to other living things and this continues to shape the work I make.

My background

I grew up in the US in Greensboro, North Carolina but for the past 5 years have been based in Baltimore, Maryland. I went to school at the Maryland Institute College of Art and graduated in 2023 with a degree in textiles

While I was in school I worked as a technician in the digital fabrication labs for the laser cutter and TC2 Loom. I also worked on a chemistry research team for art conservation this past year and was part of another research team working in developing bacterially derived nacre!

My personal website

My Instagram

Previous work

TC2 weaving with programmed LEDS added

LED Weaving

I also referenced DNA sequences to create binary patterns I used in combination with imagery in my weavings

Weaving of a plant with the background a pattern generated from dna sequences Weaving of flies with the background of a pattern generated from DNA sequences

First time playing with soft robotics

Machine for Breathing

I also love working with bacteria as a medium :-)

Last update: 2023-12-04