Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

Choosing only one project to do was so much harder than I thought! I had 3 major ideas, and did some reaserch for the 3 of them, but only presented one.
One of the idea was to design a mask for patients with sleep apnea. It's a pretty serious problem that a lot of people have, especially in my family. People that suffer from it have trouble sleeping, and are at risk of a lot of health problems because of that. To treat it, there is this big and pricey machine with an incomfortable mask that no one wants to wear for a whole night. Imagine having to wear that EVERY night!
The other idea was to design a new kind of knee brace. I personally need to wear one every time I do sports, but I still have a lot of pain, it's sweaty and incomfortable, not discreet at all and the protection you have, the worst it gets. Knees injuries are common, and most of them can't be cured. If I have to wear this for the rest of my life, it could at least be beautiful and breathable!
My last idea is th one I presented.

Color digitalisation

The story bot is for all the creators, small buisnesses or individual designers that want to create prints, patterns and designs on fabric. With this process more acessible, it will be easier to use local resources (for fabric, paint, ink, but also humain resouces). This machine is meant to be shared, to be impressive and educative. (I also think this project represent me! <3).

I wanted to impress and convince everyone with my project, so I added more and more stuff. After a good talk though, I realised that my project would be the project of a year or two maybe? I had to scale it down A LOT! But everyone was supportive, I was offered a lot of help form my coleages. The last thing to do was too choose the focus of my project... I regret a bit not presenting at least 2 ideas during that presentation.

The Knee-D

In the end, I completely changed my idea, and instead, worked on a knee brace! You can see the final project proposal here!