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0. TIDES The project



Ti(d)es is a translation of scientific observations data of the movement of the ocean’surface, specially the level of water, into a woven textile structure.

It aims to questions and expands the traditional boundaries through which science data has been collected, interpreted and visually represented, mainly through 2D infographics.



The method of translation is that of weaving, as it provides a strong analogy between the cyclical movement of the textile structure and that of the cyclical movements of the oceans and the relation with the position of the stars that influence it (Moon and Sun)

Weaving consists of line after line, building a matrix.

Every textile line records a small moment of water movement.

The large flow of numbers (that is collected daily) is used and displayed as a poetical language directly onto the surface of hundreds of woven rubans, that embody the cyclical forces of nature and time.

It serves as an analogical and poetical support through which to visualize, materialize and imprint data in a three-dimensional space.


The project is a structural numerical print memoir of one year of the state of the level of water in a specific place (Saint jean de luz, France)

Using the data collected from this two scientific instruments…. And available as open source in "". Visualized online as 2D infographics and downloadable as raw text


The raw Text is what is used in the project


For the process: The large flow of data numbers was explored as a visual language and pattern itself generating several visuals.


Then explored this flow of number on textiles surfaces with deferents techniques.

Embroidery, laser-cut, 3D print… Then, on the right, the weaving rubans of lines of data, is the one that was further developed


This are 2d and 3D simulation of the larger weave and printing files.


For the organization of the weave, the horizontal and vertical lines are the tides level, it is the structure of the weave and on diagonals the ephemeris position of moon and sun. Which influences the level of the water and allows to holds the all weaving together

The moment of weaving is a cyclical movement of UP and dOWN (similar to the tides) each line of information influence the others and sustain the all structure together


The data was printed on 4 different typographic colors inton several lays of cotton textile 40 by 2m50, Then applied a Bioplastic recipe into the cotton fiber to be able to then laser cut it without the textile fraying. And so having hundreds of custom made rubansFinally, weaving hundreds meters of lines of data.

Tides Tides Tides

The final piece is an art installation. The spectator is invited see the piece as an overall woven textile and to have a moment of close up to see the detail imprinted on each ruban.

It sustain the weave of knowledge, even if this knowledge seems just to be a fragment and a small portion of the reality (and of the huge amount of data that is available).

It question the way we try to grasp the infinity of the nature movements, of waves, of drops of water, ? Can the limit between the water and the sand be represented in a number? As time passes there is more data collected and the weaving of knowledge amplified. But in this amplification uncertainty and places of unknown continue to exist, as the holes between fibers and the data going down-behind, and be hidden between another line data going up front.


For the future of the work is also to try out several ways of installation in function of the place it will be shown. Also be eventually placed in si-tu installation (ocean border/beach)Experiment with movement with Arduino and motors

(Exploring from space installation to body performative) But also all the samples made during the process are potentials for larger pieces, or bodyperformative pieces. And can still be explored further!

Last update: 2022-06-01