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This is Alve:

fashion designer, art director, researcher, founder, product developer, and…

Mainly, I want to make something useful...

For the past couple of years I have been following the field of:

•industry 4.0
•synthetic biology
•distributed manufacturing
•digital fabrication

and are excited to discover how I can put those interests into practice at the fabricademy.

On this site, I will be documenting that journey.


I have a background in fashion, being involved both with the design as well as product development side of fashion mainly in Europe, India, China, and Japan.

With SIRLOIN a “Stupidly elegant” label I co-founded in Shanghai (2016) we tried to taunt the fashion industry.

Here is some examples of projects that we worked on, enjoy:

Design av Alve Lagercrantz

"Soreal" A fashion show staged in a spacious green-screen studio blurred the line between virtual and real life. As the audience watched the show through an app in their phones models appeared in stock photo landscapes. The show explored how far consumers want to participate in viral videos and augmented reality. We all use the same filter. Is this an ad?

See bellow some further samples of works:

Alve_Lagercrantz_portfolio copy.pdf av Alve Lagercrantz

final project

Through my experience operating my own brand and working for others, I have seen how slow and inept the fashion industry's supply chain is, ill-prepared to support new demands both from customers and designers. Moreover it is built on an old worldview that only can thrive in an unfair, wasteful, and unsustainable world.

PROBLEM: Making even the most straightforward t-shirt involves more than 25 different production sites, sharing a small portion of the profit of each garment.

I believe the root of the problem are the assembly type of manufacturing that fashion is built on.

SOLUTION: If we instead could grow garments straight from raw material, much like we shape clay to make pottery, we could bypass an antiquated mode of production.

During this 6 month (and beyond) I want to investigate how we could build on innovations in 3D and bioprinting to produce garments straight from cell-grown fibers, drastically reducing energy consumption and creating a new localized supply chain tailored to meet the demands of a new creators economy (Web 3.0).

Here are a few examples of projects that make my brain spin:

CASE STUDY 1: ProoF-of-concept for bio-printed garments using lab-grown algae by a research team at the University of Rochester

CASE STUDY 2: Several companies are now building pilot factories to deliver lab-produced meat at competitive market prices, why could we not make garments like that? Meatech

Last update: 2022-09-26