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Mu Muqarnas

_A Thirdspace Where Binaries Overlap _

Thirdspace: a zone that disturbs the binaries and hierarchies that uphold power, yet that does not erase or resolve difference into a new totalizing or homogeneous ideology.
Mu Muqarnas is a methodology of reinterpreting and developing the traditional muqarnas form to accommodate the contemporary technological advancements, in a way that challenges the current binaries that dominate our perspective (Old vs. new, light vs. shadow, active vs. passive, figure vs. ground, ... ).
This methodology can be applied on various scale and for diverse purposes depending on and accommodating for the users.


Because it's the final presentation, it had to be different, a little special maybe... So I literally told the story of the project and the obstacles faced during the journey and the output and I needed a dynamic presentation to go back and forth with my story so I used Prezi.


Thesis PDF

You can download the thesis here

Last update: 2023-05-14