Computational Couture Final Print Gabriela Lotaif


For this assignment I was inspired by the bodily curves.

Body Curves

My idea, based on these images, was to create a fabric resulting of the printing of a pattern on top of an extremely stretched fabric and obtain the idea of the body curves through the union of both.


Eugenio Betucchi was this year's Fabricademy Grasshopper tutor, and he couldn't have been a better teacher! Thank you!! You can find his tutorials via this link

Led by him we did a few exercises in order to get acquainted with Grasshopper:

Day 01, general experimentations:


On the second day we were able to deepen ourselves a bit more in the program's possibilities...

Day 02, exercises


Testing Pattern possibilities in Grasshopper from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.

On our third day of Grasshopper we did even more progress...

First Half:


Second Half:

Grasshopper Wrapping Body from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.

We learned how to simulated the wrapping of a flat pattern on a body or any other shape.

First Test: Eurecat Canet de Mar

We were fortunate enough to go to eurecat again for this assignment, where we did our first 3D printed experimentations on the BlackBelt 3D Printer.

This printer is great for 3D printing on fabric as it actually has the ability of print in a continuous motion, which means that it's base keeps rolling the fabric forward and the printing surface is thus very long.

In order to print my project, however this motion was not necessary as my print is a punctual one. But I did try it out as a first test for my basic structure:

Structural test Rhino

Canet de Mar 3d printing

BlackBelt 3D Printer test from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.

Material Used:

Material Used

First Test

Second Test: Monday back at the Fab Lab

The result was still not what I piuctured as my plan was to generate a texture via printing on stretched fabric and once I took it off having it come back all wrinkled in betwen the 3D printed lines.

Second Test Design

This is how to set up the printer: You place the fabric down stretched and test the temperature until the material comes out.

Seconod Test in the making

Material Used:

Material test 2

Test 2

This test allowed me to have it clearer in my mind that in fact if I were to stretch out the fabric to print upon it that would in fact lead me to a very different result than my objective, It would lead me to a curvy, pushed together version of my pattern.

Third Test: After rethinking structures

On this third test the objective was to achieve a better structure considering my inspiration and my objective. From the begging of my designing/testing period my idea was to create a structure over fabric that behaved a bit like a hand that is widely openon top of a fabric and then folds back inside, with extra fabric between the fingers:

Intention for 3D Printing Behaviour from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.


While designing this I was trying also to think of the way in which I would manipulate my fabric in the printer.

Reprap 3D Printing Test from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.

Material Used, same as test 2:

Material test 3

Test 3

Cura Settings used:

Computer Programs Used in this assignment:

Project Files

OS Circular Fashion