a wonderful world of materials

This is a list of materials found in a visit that I payed to MaterFAD that seemed interesting to try to base my own development of materials for Dar À Luz in:

"Wax and Human Hair Skin", a project by Elisava students, that I couldn't yet find a link to.

Second skin elisava

Prothetical Silicone (because of its texture mainly, and the fact that they make implants of it)

Silicone prothsis

Silicone used in silicone prothesis at Materfad from Gabriela Lotaif on Vimeo.

Materfad 1

Materfad 2

Materfad 3

Materfad 4

Materfad 5

Materfad 6

Materfad 7

Materfad 8

Materfad 9