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Experiment 01; Mycelium Feather

First experimentation of the final project, Mycelium Feather.

3D Printing and Laser Cutting

For this experiment, i would like to try if the mycelium grow through the holes of a 3D rachis,

The model is 20 cms length and 2 cms width, here's some of the material specifications:

Filament Colour Size Temperature File Size Printing time z off Bed Temperature
EP Ivony White M 750 grs 190°C - 210°C 20 cms 1hr 1 mm 60°C

The idea is to put this rachis in an Acrylic Petri Dish to pour some medium to let the mycelium grow on the inside of the rachis and in the outside. For the "petri dish" i made a box of 27x4,5x7 cms made out of 5mm traslucent acrylic.

Lab Work

For the Bio part of this experimentation, I made a Malt Medium to let the Reishii mycelium grow, here's the recipe,

MALT - AGAR Medium:

  • 200 ml of Water
  • 4 grs of Agar-Agar
  • 4 grs of Malt Extract

Then i put some pieces of the Reishii inculate plate that we have and then seal the petri dish with parafilm.

I'm gonna let it grow for the following 3 weeks

EXP 01 - Results

Complete look of the results





Last update: 2022-01-31