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Week 01 | State of the Art | Project Management | Documentation

Getting oriented and setting a good foundation

Week 01 Goals:
- Learn how to code a website using GitLab and MKDocs
- Document process

Week 01 Skills:
- Basic web design code
- Visual documentation
- Image resizing
- Assignment submission

Week 01 Resources:
- Visual Documentation
- Media Editing
- Nueval Evaluations
- Lab and Safety
- Lecture Notes


An exciting and challening start to the Fabricademy journey. I overwhelmed myself at first with wanting to make a lot of customizations to my website. Instead I stuck to a clean layout that would be easy for me to fill in and organize. With the help of my classmates I was able to learn how to customize my logo, text size, text color, and page formating. After a frustrating start I slowed down and began collecting codes I found myself using often:


These codes were found in the template we stared with in addition to these helpful websites:
- Material for MKDocs
- Handbook Markdown Guide
- Extented Synax
- Gitland Documentation Tutorial

I learned how to resize text with the help of Lucrecia's documentation. In addition to her site I found these other alumni's sites inspiring and resourceful:
- Lucrecia de León - Uraguay 20/21
- Diane Wakim - Lyon, France 20/21
- Elsa Gil - Bilaboa, Spain 20/21

Making a gif

On my home page I added a .gif for a summary of my recent personal work.

I started by making my layout in Illustrator:


I selected an assortment of photos of my projects and filled in the template by resizing the images and using a clipping mask. I made 6 panels with certain images alternating between frames and have it be a seamless repeat:


I created and resized the gif on


I then upload the gif on to GIPHY to embed it onto my site.


My inspiration ranges from all types of mediums, desiplines, and natural resources. I gather a lot of my inspiration on my Pinterest and saved posted folders on my Instagram, but I don't know how to share those. Below are a very limited selection of creatives that have inspired and exposed me to unique ways of working with materials:

Amber M. Jensen
Amber is a textile artist and painter based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. She has a very fun and experimental approach to her weavings through textures, color, and the beautiful functional forms she creates with her work. Here are some examples of her work from her Instagram:

Susan McKinney
Susan is a ceramists based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA. I admire not only her delicate handiwork of baskt weaving clay, but also how she uses her voice to advocate for small buinsess owners and how larger brands steal ideas without any intentions of collaborations or credit. Her recent work of working with glass was super exciting to see and very inspiring for exploring the intersection of the combination of different mediums:

Zena Holloway
Zena is an underwater photographer and material maker/innovator inspiried by the natural world. I have been fascinated by her Rootful collection for quite a while now and how she has incorperated natural dying to her grow textiles. I also really apreciate how open she is to sharing her work and discussing ideas.

Fibershed is a nonprofit organization based in Marin County, California that develops regional fiber systems to build soil & protect the health of our biospheres. It took me going to school in Boston, MA to learn about this amazing organization in my home town. Rebecca Burgess, the Executive Director of Fibershed, has two decades of experience working at the intersection of ecology, fiber systems, and regional economic development. She is also the host of the amazing podcast Weaving Voices. My perspective of textiles and fiber systems was changed dramatically after I became more aware of the opportunties there are in working with local systems. This past summer I had the unimaginable opportunity to connect with Amy Dufault, a textile industry writer, Sustainability + Communications Director for Botanical Colors, many other hats, and co-running the Southern New England Fiber Shed. Amy has been working on an incredible project that utilizes waste water to grow dye plants:

Last update: 2023-05-23