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The Hearty Party


The Hearty Party is a wearable music maker inspired by the beat of the heart.

This project creates a dialogue between wearable tech, parametric design and traditional craft to raise awareness of heart disease in a fun and playful way.

Heart disease is the largest cause of death in Iceland and also world wide. Women in particular display different symptoms to men and are up to 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed. I had a heart attack in June 2022 and this was the experience that put me on the path to my Fabricademy journey. All of my projects during this journey have centered on the heart and cardiac issues and these are the inputs that formulated my final piece.

The Hearty Party is an interactive wearable using the heart in different ways.

Feel This

The heart forms the basis of an exploration in computational parametric design. Atanomical information is used to create new forms and 3D surfaces in moulded fish leather. This skin on skin interaction with bring the heart out onto the chest as a tactile display.

See This

These fish leather moulded piece form a visual representation of the heart outside the body. The heart is visualised in other ways involving the display of light.

Hear This

Inspired by my own experiences of being monitored for my heart disease, the sound of the heart has been isolated and used in an interactive way forming another dialogue between the inner and outer world asking the question, If the heart could speak what would it say?

Iceland, My Home and The Future

The wearable piece that the user interacts with uses fish leather, a local resource alongside Iceland wool. I have lived in Iceland for 10 years so this project is rooted close to home. This is also a fully open source project that I hope that can be replicated and built upon worldwide.

This exploration I have made in computational design, wearable tech and fish leather research will lead to future buisness ideas post Fabricademy. I would like to explore E-Texiles, 3D printed acessories and innovative fish leather manipulation going forwrd.

It is my greatest wish that this project will highlight and inspire a dialogue surrounding heart disease in women and its issues. I am especially delighted to have brought a little fun and joy to those affected by this issue as I have been.



Project Booklet

Booklet PDF can be downloaded HERE

The Future

The project will be exhibited at Design March in Reykjavik in May 23.

I have been offered a job as a Technical Lead and Hardware Developer for the Reykjavik Tool Library who I mentioned in my documentation all the way back in week3 Its a brilliant opportunity to really be part of the circular network and continue to learn and grow with design and technology.

What a difference 6 months make.

Now I feel I could take on the world and do anything I put my mind too so thanks to everyone at fabricademy for everything.

Last update: 2023-06-28