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  • Create a transdermal tissue or wearable that transmits the properties of medicinal funghi topically.

  • Biomaterials from medicinal local mushroom.

  • Transdermal tissue. Tincture - Biomaterial - Biochromes

  • Self - cultivation, Circular economy

  • Material Design


  • For anyone who wants to improve their quality of life or regulate their health. CUSTOMER

  • Non-Substitutive complementary therapy. HEALTH AREA

  • People that are willing to be more sustainable, reshaping their current process into a more circular fashion approach. DESIGNERS OR CREATIVE WORLD



  • Local Resources.

  • Double functionality: Fabrics that transmit beneficial properties for health and produced with local raw materials.

  • Create towards well-being.

Conceptual Map

Transdermal tissues

Develop a transdermal tissue, generating a textile or wearable that is itself medicinal when in contact with the skin. Deliver active ingredients in a controlled manner to the body of the person wearing the clothing.

The ingredient delivery mechanism works similar to a transdermal patch and is activated by the temperature and moisture of the skin.

Transdermal patches are devices used to deliver medications. They are fixed to the skin by means of an adhesive and release a drug continuously, so that it is absorbed by the skin. That is, that it crosses the successive layers of skin, until it reaches the blood.

Transdermal patches are made up of four parts:

  • A waterproof covering sheet.

  • A matrix or reservoir of the active principle, where the drug is housed.

  • An adhesive.

  • A plastic sheet that is removed before applying the patch.


Seasonal mushrooms. Not all medicinal mushrooms grow year-round. It would be interesting to investigate what are the necessary conditions for each mushroom to grow.


From what I have been able to investigate, most medicinal mushrooms are dyers.

References and research

  • Catherine Euale Fabricademy student with knowledge in medicinal mushrooms and mycelium.

  • Spanish Association of Mycology.

  • Group of mycologist

  • Chemistry working in her own essential oil company.

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Hifas da Terra Company that works with medicinal mushrooms and sells products with the properties of mushrooms with different applications.

  • Herbalists. Investigate what type of supplements are sold and the different applications.

  • Books:

Title: Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

Author: Paul Stamets

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms is a detailed and comprehensive guide for growing and using gourmet and medicinal mushrooms commercially or at home. With precise growth parameters for 3 mushroom species.

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Last update: 2023-05-02