Mid term presentation

Mid term video and feedback

In this Link you can find the mid-term video of the fabricademy projects.



  • Why I am doing this project and what is my tradition as a funghi picker, help for a good storytelling.

  • Different areas in the research: material research, casting in the skin... Caring garments, be curious to see the effects on the skin. Research.

  • Contextualization: local funghi, target group, different aplications, what kind of garment, what kind of research, what kind of designers are working with the same theory. Potentially colaborate with.

  • Empower what I have done so far, understand it and pass it on to the people I want to work with.


  • Nature, personal, avance health care project.

  • Lucrecia de Leon (Fabricademy student) like a reference.

  • Understand how these garments can work.

  • What is the perfect material for me? Thickness, elasticity, 2nd skin, covers specific areas, size, materiality...

  • Proof of concept in 3 months, further development in the long term.

  • Medical Biomaterial researchers, collaborate.


  • user experience. Different people, different feels.

  • Guidelines, actions...How could the experience be with the material on. If color, texture matters...

Last update: 2023-05-03