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04 PPD. Review on process/workflow: Electronics, Custom tools and BOM#

February 28th & March 1st, 2022

The objective of this session is to present the processes needed to accomplish the project: which custom tools, materials or required electronics are fundamental for the development of the final project. The BOM (bill of materials) is the backbone of this phase of project development and with the instructors┬┤ guidance appropriate technology and necessary components are documented and budgeted.


  • Document the concept, sketches, references and the fundamental steps/processes involved
  • Create a process /work flow chart (a more detailed planning calendar, including machines and steps)
  • Create a material overview and where possible including cost
  • Create a quick prototype of the custom tool or electronics involved (physical, digital, collage or render)
  • Make a 40┬┤┬┤ video pitch update of your project proposal (extra credit)
  • List and (if possible) budget of all foreseen materials and machines required

How will it be evaluated#

  • References: concept development, research, what are the fundamental steps/processes involved
  • Design: sketches/preliminary designs of the tools or electronics or processes required (when possible)
  • Fabrication: simple quick prototypes of the custom tools and (when possible) samples executed with them
  • Final outcome: Process overview, Bill of Materials (BOM) including costs
  • Originality - Aesthetics: Has the design and innovation been thought through and elaborated
  • Student checklist

Review on process/workflow#


Previous years videos#