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Hi! I'm Vidisha!

I am a 23 year old fashion design student from India. I come from a small town in India but have lived away from home all my life starting from a boarding school to college in Mumbai and now to Barcelona.

Honestly, going into fashion was a calculated decision rather than sheer passion because belonging to a business family I have been brought up in a way where starting something from scratch and being your own boss is always the preferred option and opting to go into fashion is mostly never a bad idea for a girl.

I studied Bachelors in Design from NIFT, Mumbai where I really struggled for the first 2 years because arts was not my thing in school but I got around to it gradually when I started looking at it through my perspective which brings me to the text topic..

My inspiration

Being good at math in school made me realise how good I was in designing techniques/aesthetics which included concepts like geometry, shapes, forms, etc. It always made me look at fashion with a minimal yet interesting approach and soon introduced me to the concept of modularity.


My work

You can have a look at all the work I have done here

I love designing functional garments, sort of like surprise the wearer with all the minute details and the differnt number of options he/she gets on buying only one piece of garment. I really got inspired by this concept for my final project at college because at that point the pandemic had just started and I wanted to design something for people in that situation, what kind of fashion would be the most feasible at that point.

Last update: 2022-09-30