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11. Implications and applications

This is the initial idea I had after considering all the weeks I liked but you can see the final process and development under the Final Project heading on my Home page.


The fashion industry and its methods are taking a big toll on the environemnt, this proejct aims to inculcate sustainable and futuristic techniques into the fashion industry one garment at a time. For starters I wish to target 2 of the probelems we face in the fashion industry - Toxic Dyeing Process and Use of plastic for surface enhancement by experimenting with Bacterial Dyes, 3D Printing with Growlay and Inoculation of 3D printed forms with Mycelium.



I have always been inspired by Lines and Linear Structures which is why mushrooms and especially their gills are my main inspiration for this project. The lines, the pattern they form is what I am aiming to achieve through the following techniques.


Bacterial dyes are the most natural way to achieve colours and I want to see how I can exploit the technique by trying the shibori technique and screen printing. I want to experiment with two types of Bacteria which is Serratia Marcensces and Janthinobacterium Lividum. Major experiments involve how I can achieve linear patterns using the tie and dye technique and silk screen printing with bacteria, and also how I can achieve different colours by mixing them maybe. The fabric I plan to use are hemp and silk.


Inspired from mushroom patterns I would like to have 3D structures on the garment with the biodegradable filament Growlay and try to inoculate it with mycelium. Growlay has capillary properties which stores water or nutrient rich liquid which can be used to grow anything over it, in my case mycelium. I want to see how the filament is, if its rigid enough, what kind of 3d structures can it handle and hwo the inoculation works. How the mycelium grows on it, if it even grows on it and the shape and pattern it takes is what I want to see.


I want to experiment with how I can direct mycelium to grow in a certain way, make the cellular structure more prominent. And if it works with Growlay. One idea is to bioprint a substrate in a particular pattern over a base and then inoculate it to see if it grows in that direction. Then also with 3d structures, if its inocluated only at certain points with a good distance between too, does it take an interesting form?

An idea on the kind of looks I have in mind. Some inspiration for forms, textures and patterns!



Last update: 2022-05-07