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3. Circular fashion

This was an interesting yet overwhelming week because I definitely want to work on this technqiue more but this was the first week in a new country and in a new college so it was a little overwhelming. Here we were told to make a product which produces minimum waste and try to make it completely seamless using small blocks which can be interlinked.


Lets start with some artists whose work I really liked and took inspiration from.

The product - I really liked the idea of making a body belt/saddle. They are very much in trend these days and it is feasible to make it with the seamless and minimum waste approach.

Then I started experimenting with some shapes that I liked from some artists and drew them to see how they could be linked.

Once I was sure that the link is strong enough and can be used I drew a few sketches of how the design can be.

The Process

The material - For a belt leather is the first option that comes to mind and luckily we had lots of leather scraps lying around in the lab, so I decided to make a belt with waste leather scraps. There were a number of colours but I tried to narrow it down to a palette which had enough quantity and looked good together, too.

Laser cutting

The laser cutter - Josep taught us how to use the laser cutter. Before giving the file for cutting you need to check a few important things:

  • Set the focal length with the tool.
  • Select the material you are using.
  • Set the parameters, the frequency, the colours in order and power according to the thickness of your material (This requires a few experiments).
  • Turn on the air extractor.

I had to do a lot of tests because all the scraps were of different thickness so that took a lot of time. Then I finally had all my pieces ready.

The final outcome


Last update: 2022-05-07