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In the year 3000, the severity of climate change and the damage it inflicts upon the world is immense, causing untold destruction of nature and environment. The fashion industry is one of the primary causes of this catastrophe and Kambio is striving to change it. Now we only have one garment per person and there is an interaction between the environment and clothing. In doing so, we approach the fashion industry from a futuristic and sustainable point of view, as the reshaped garments are programmed with AI to transform themselves without generating waste. We believe we are rebuilding a more balanced world in which we can live with a single garment which has the ability to protect the wearer from the outside and also maintain them in good health. The garment predicts the weather and thermoregulates the body at the same time. This textile and technological project is born from a speculative methodology, drawn from the disastrous effects of today's world.


K a m b i o by Vidisha Goel

Last update: 2022-10-01