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01. State of the art, project management and documentation

For this week we learnt how to work on GitLab to document our weekly progress. At first it was diffuclt to work with this because I had never learned programming or coding languages but with time it started getting better.


I started with watching the class recording again and referring to the Gitlab Documentation Tutorial, the Markdown Guide and websites of old students which hads codes for all the basic and major that I would need to get the basic framework of my page. I followed a very simple way to edit my website, not adding a lot of technical elements but rather lots of pictures, videos and text to document.

I decided a format to try and follow everytime so that I can have a similar layout for all the assignments.

  • Start with the picture of the final product.
  • Inspiration for the week and your product.
  • Process/ Steps to follow.
  • Final results.

Here are some codes for edits that are very important to form the basic framework of your documentation.

To add titles, subtitles, bold/italic text

#                          Puts the text as a Title.
##                         Puts the text as a subtitle.
#####                      Puts the text as a sub-sub-sub-subtitle.

*text*                     Puts text in italic.
**text**                   Puts text in bold.
***text***                 Puts text in bold and italic.

To add images, align image

Add image


Align image to the left

![Image title]({ align=left }

Align image to the right

![Image title]({ align=right }

To add video

For this you can embed any video from Youtube or Vimeo by copy and pasting the embed code here, that will share the video here.

To add lists/pointers

Unordered lists can be written by prefixing a line with a (-), (*) or (+) list marker, all of which can be used interchangeably. Furthermore, all flavors of lists can be nested inside each other:

- Nulla et rhoncus turpis. Mauris ultricies elementum leo. Duis efficitur
  accumsan nibh eu mattis. Vivamus tempus velit eros, porttitor placerat nibh
  lacinia sed. Aenean in finibus diam.

    * Duis mollis est eget nibh volutpat, fermentum aliquet dui mollis.
    * Nam vulputate tincidunt fringilla.
    * Nullam dignissim ultrices urna non auctor.

Tools I used

  • Adobe Illustrator - To make collages and downsizing images.
  • Vimeo - To upload videos and embed on my page.
  • Giphy - To make gifs and upload them and then embed on my page.
  • Sketchfab - To upload 3D models and files and then embed them on my page.

Last update: 2022-05-19