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Bring your stone to the building par Guillerm


I made a planning calendar on Miro :

BoM bill of materials


These materials can last for more than one workshop. They are indicative.

Qty Description Price Link Notes
1 Marseille soap 4,90 € Other soaps are possible, but are not biodegradable
1 Bubble wrap 22.70 € ...
1 Oil cloth 14,99€ Rectangle crystal tablecloth 140x250cm
6 Bath towels 15€ Local thrift shop Reusable second-hand bath towels
/ Dog hairs Free Local dog groomers ...
/ Human hair Free Local hairdressers ...
1 Pan ... Local shop 20cm of diameter is alright
6 Printed flyers 10€ for 4 flyers Local printing firm ...
3 Pair of scissors ... Local shop ...
1 Funnel 3,44€ ...
1 Spoon ... Local shop ...
1 Pair of carding brushes 65€ different TPI depending on your fibers
1 Tarpaulin 27,99€ 4x5m
3 Modified bottles 3x1 orange juice bottles Local shop ...

Story telling script

My goal with this project is to transmit this will to upcycle these fibers, and to know more about the strategies of recycling and upcycling that already exist.

The project is like a Tom Thumb project : at first, the idea of outcome was to develop the workshop in Lyon, but I think that it can be interesting to give a turnkey workshop that could be replicated in other places and cities. The transmission can continue, even if I am not organising it.

So, the online open source workshop is one of the outcome of my project.
The idea in the video is to see no face (except for the dog one), because this project is not meant to be born by only one person, but by anyone who would like to participate.
I want to enhance the work of the hand, because it is soothing the mind. The tone of the video is a soothing one, with slowmotions on the work of the hand.
I decided to display a part of the project : from raw fibers to the pebble. This technique can be reproduced at home, and it is part of the Tom Thumb transmission : once you generated the synapses of working this technique, you can pass it to somebody else.

Ajouter un sous-titre par Guillerm

Oral presentations

Autre utilisation des poils de chiens mODUS INTARSIA par Guillerm

Result: collaborative cairns par Guillerm


Result: collaborative cairns par Guillerm


Design par Guillerm

How-Tos & Tutorials

Upload templates or tutorials you created for your personal project, it can also be links to instructables when the project is educational, protocols when working with growing materials and so on..

Felting process : wet felting

The process


Last update: 2023-04-09