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My first plan was to create a workshop tackling the issue of ecoanxiety, by having a very soothing practice together. The idea is to show As said in the previous page, I decided to reorient my main subject of the workshop, by lessing the importance of the theorical approach on eco-anxiety, and by enhancing the practice of a handicraft using waste becoming ressources with the workshop. Afterall, practicing the felting technique and process, and feeling the positive feelings and sensations that it brings in oneself is what I aim with these workshop ; it is the core of it.
By highlighting the practical and concrete concept of up-cycling fibers of the everyday life, my goal is to grab the attention of people who would like to dive into this topic.

From this...

To this !

This is about sharing a moment together.
Every participants comes home with one pebble, and is free to let one into the collaborative cairn.

So, locally, this is about sensibilizing about the approaches of upcycling dog hairs and human hairs (and by extension, other materials if you want to add them).
But this project is aimed at going further : wherever you are on the planet, you can pursue this starting point that happened in Lyon, FRANCE. The idea is to create a Tom Thumb like project, where little pebbles are created in several countries and places.
This is why I created a

What is a cairn ?

A cairn is a pile of stone that you can find on the side of mountain paths. Its main purpose it to mark the path for future walkers that would come by this way.
Recently, social medias displayed a trend that consisted in making little cairns wherever you go. Nonetheless, unuseful cairns are mostly damaging the landscape, and it is also damaging the local fauna. The soothing aspect of the cairn is perspectible in this trend, but making it by ourselves with waste hair is even better !

Why a cairn?

Cairns are used to mark the path, for one to find his way in foggy times. I di think that we are currently living in foggy times, and this idea of cairn is a symbol of hope. If we work together, if we all work with the same dynamic, we can live better and play our part in change.

These cairns are made with several pebble. Every participant of the workshop can create a pebble for the collaborative cairn. The cairn is a symbol of the power of edification of the group.
It's the message that you are not alone to experience eco-anxiety, but together, we can do something !

Evolution of cairns in three months

First cairn: my tests

After the first workshop

After the second workshop

The path of cairns

This is the beginning of the path that I imagined.

The collaborative map : step by step, pebble after pebble...

Voir en plein écran

If any problem, you can find the map thanks to this link
You can modify this map, and add the placement of your workshop and/or cairn !
If you practice the felting technique at home, add it too, and let's transmit the idea that we can produce material with waste ! Let's be Tom Thumb of the recycling and upcycling !

Last update: 2023-03-26