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To create this collaborative map, I used the open source street map Umap. It allows you to create your own map. You can choose either to let anyone modify your map, or you can restrain the modifications to the people who has the secret link of your map.
I chose to let anyone modify it, to add their own workshop and pictures to the collaborative map !

Adding a pin with your workshop or the place of your cairn

Click on the "Edit" tool to start creating your pin. Then click on "Add a pin" on the top of the editing tab on the right of your page.

Give a name, a description (of the place or context where the workshop happened), add the needed information.

Modify these parameters according to the information right below (it depends on the type of pin that your are adding)

How to modify the icon of the pin ?

Some icons are suggested by Umap, but they don't mean anything regarding the workshop.
You can choose other pictograms, other icons on the site of
Choose the needed icon on the site, then copy the URL link of the icon, and paste it into the "Define the pictogram" tab of Umap.
Click on the check ; you've changed it !

In the "Option of interaction" tab, choose these parameters.

Bravo, you created your own pin !

Adding the picture of your cairn

For anyone to be able to see the cairn you produced, here is a little tutorial to add your own picture of it on the corresponding pin.

Go to a picture web host to download the chosen picture.
I worked with Zupimages to host my pictures on the web.

Click on "Modify" on the pin you want to add a picture in.

In the information tab, in the "Description" part, copy/paste the direct link to your picture, between {{link}}.

The final result

Bravo, you added your picture !

Last update: 2023-03-26