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Workshop logistics

Organizing a workshop : what to think of before starting

Nuria gave me the advice to go look to the "SheMakes" projects and workshops. It is really instructive in term of things you have t Here are some essential questions I asked myself for the creation of this workshop:

This organization changes, as I am making workshops. The theory become practical, and some adjustments were made.

Needed material (for 6 persons)

Wet felting

6 bath towels
Some oil cloth (for the templates)
Some bubble wrap paper (for the templates) 6 rectangles of bubble wrap paper (1x1m) for the wet felting process
3 modified water bottles

I considered adding the dry feting technique to the workshop, but it would be too long and too difficult to manage for me as a single mediator. I will practice it on my omn and will see if it could be the purpose of another workshop in the future.

Raw materials supply

Design par Guillerm

I think that going directly to see the persons who could help you allows them to put a face on your voice and demand. It is more time-consuming, but it is easier to display your intentions and to reassure them if needed.

I went to meet groomers and hair-dressers to ask them if they would accept to gather and collect hairs for me.
I was lucky to meet people who would be interested in this way.

About ethics

This subject gave me the opportunity to dive into the subject of ethic in fashion. Working with hair is not trivial.

Billetterie Weezevent

Last update: 2023-04-09