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If you are a private individual, I recommand you to create a small site on Weezevent.
It is very intuitive, and allows you to embed your events' booking links in your Gitlab site.

Make sure you filled all the needed sections. Before you publish your event on Weezevent, the site will remind you any section that wouldn't be clearly and fully filled.

The different sections : presentation of Weezevent interface

Something that gave me some troubles is the rate section.
You have to publish your event :

If you don't publish it, the rate section remains with a "0/1 rate for sale". When you click on "Publish", the site open a window where it is precised that no rate is for sale. Don't take this into account, it will be fixed once published, click "Ok" in this new window.
Once published, here is where you are supposed to see on your event :

To embed the mini-site into your site, for people to book a workshop directly from your own site, here is what you should do.
1. In the left section, click on "Sell"

  1. Then, choose the type of embed you need between the two that are suggested

  1. Last step, final modifications for your own site

Here is an example of the embedded result :

Billetterie Weezevent

Last update: 2023-03-25