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BLUE & GREEN, Virginia Woolf

Blue & Green by Virginia Woolf

GREEN THE POINTED FINGERS of glass hang downwards. The light slides down the glass, and drops a pool of green. All day long the ten fingers of the lustre drop green upon the marble. The feathers of parakeetstheir harsh cries sharp blades of palm treesgreen, too; green needles glittering in the sun. But the hard glass drips on to the marble; the pools hover above the desert sand; the camels lurch through them; the pools settle on the marble; rushes edge them; weeds clog them; here and there a white blossom; the frog flops over; at night the stars are set there unbroken. Evening comes, and the shadow sweeps the green over the mantlepiece; the ruffled surface of ocean. No ships come; the aimless waves sway beneath the empty sky. It’s night; the needles drip blots of blue. The green’s out.

BLUE The snub-nosed monster rises to the surface and spouts through his blunt nostrils two columns of water, which, fiery-white in the centre, spray off into a fringe of blue beads. Strokes of blue line the black tarpaulin of his hide. Slushing the water through mouth and nostrils he sings, heavy with water, and the blue closes over him dowsing the polished pebbles of his eyes. Thrown upon the beach he lies, blunt, obtuse, shedding dry blue scales. Their metallic blue stains the rusty iron on the beach. Blue are the ribs of the wrecked rowing boat. A wave rolls beneath the blue bells. But the cathedral’s different, cold, incense laden, faint blue with the veils of madonnas.

The imaginative story that glass provokes with the night, the stars and the water is a huge inspiration for this project.



glass-ref Cloison Alzoujej by Maya Thomas | Solar Sinter by Markus Kayser | Au fil de by Aline Thibault, picture : François Golfier | "Sans titre 22 by Lise Gonthier

Hegedus-Design Serenity of the Danube Product Design Collection by ©Andrea Hegedus

The Glass FabLab of Cerfav

TOUCH-ME 2.0 by Matteo Silverio and glassmaker Stefano Bullo, Vetrate Artistiche Murano : "In a certain sense it is a rebellious project because it makes the act of manipulating glass democratic, and no longer prerogative of the glass-makers' elite. Therefore, everyone can shape these vases, actively participating to the creative process." vero2-Silverio VERO2 by Matteo Silverio, Marta Donà, Paola Careno | A research project using 3D printing and computational design to recycle murano glass.

soft-silica Soft Silica by Sarah Roseman


ref-concrete Litracon Classic® from Litracon Optical Fibers and Concrete | Con/Fiber installation by Kengo Kuma


Requirements for the pattern :

  • Pattern with openings (to limit weight), it won't be a full glass surface.
  • No rounded shape (but it would be nice to achieve false rounded pattern), cutting circles of float glass is a nightmare (I need more training and without a grinding machine it might not end up great). Moreover, cutting circles means more waste. I'm trying to minimize waste.
  • Modules in the pattern needs to be planar as I'll be working with flat glass sheet.

Basketry patterns

kagome Kagome Structure from P. Ayres, A. G. Martin, M. Zwierzycki | Unknown Source

The Kagome pattern is a classic Japanese basket-weaving style. 3D Kagome lattice (trihexagonal tiling) is used today in the aerospace industry for it's rigid, yet low-density structure.

Auxetic Pattern

Auxetics are quite interesting because they can be closed or opened. The movement makes it an interesting pattern to explore. It is also made of the same unit which is interesting in terms of reproduction. Some experimentations :

picture *Schemas are from the article Reconfigurable metamaterials -- putting the holes in the right place by Shu Yang and Jie Yin



Last update: 2023-02-03