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02 | GLASS & DIGITALITY How is glass work happening in our digital context ? Going digital for glass seems pretty far away from the reality of this material. However, there is something in the transparency of glass that somehow connects with digital. The sensation that it always escapes through light and surprising effects into a non tangible world, a bit like a digital feeling.

Digital processes to tangible objects

Where can digital and traditional handicrafts meet ? In the [G]host project from Cerfav and lead by David Arnaud, Virtual reality is used to sculpt the model for making p√Ęte de verre. Digital processes open to more mobility and less depency of ressources such as specific materials and equipment (wax, workshop). Here the glass worker is still completly integrated into the process of sculpting their model considering the fact that they are still working hands-on. But this time it's not the material that remembers the shape, the computer will keep on calculating the 3D modelisation.

GHOST Project by Cerfav

Last update: 2022-12-10